About me

Natalie Edwards

With almost 20 years of experience working with children as a sports coach I've shared many unique moments with children of all ages.  Throughout this journey I've witnessed the emotional challenges children face on a daily, and sometimes hourly bases. But the most important thing I've noticed is that they are all unique, vulnerable little beings full of love!

As a parent to two beautiful girls I see how they both experience the world differently in their own unique way. Children can have very different responses to the same situation and I think the way we can help our children choose which way they react to certain situations, rather than allowing their emotions to take over, is through building emotional intelligence and resilience.  Imagine how empowering your child would feel as an adult, if they could master these skills as a child?

As a parent I've experienced first hand the anxiety, anger and stress children can experience in their daily lives and the effect this has on families.  It's not an easy job parenting, in fact it's the toughest thing you'll ever do, but the joyous moments you have with your children and family are what we should focus on, even if it is difficult at times. But what do you do when you feel like your child's behaviour is out of control and you just can't take anymore? Sometimes as a parent it feels like nothing works and wherever you turn for advice and help your dissapointed with the outcome. I know that's how I felt for a very long time, until I finally realised there was nothing wrong with my child, she just hadn't learnt the valuable skills  yet to allow her to deal with emotions in a positive way.  This is where us as parent come in, because its so important that we can role-model and teach our children the important values and beliefs to set them up for life.

This is how Little Stars Yoga & Wellness was created, because I could see a solution to help not just my children, but all children! At Little Stars Yoga & Wellness we focus on empowering children through Yoga and mindfulness which allows them to develop positive ways of coping whilst developing valuable life skills and building deeper connections with their family. It's a perfect combination of exercise for the mind, body and soul, and most importantly it's fun!