At Little Stars Yoga & Wellness we've developed a program which is tailored to meet each child's individual needs.

Each week they are introduced to a new idea or concept which they can relate specifically to their lives, this empowers children to become pro-active in utilising life skills to create harmony, health and well-being!

Pre-Teen Empowerment

& Yoga (9-12 years)

Saturday - 9.30am

Live session via Zoom

A nurturing non-competitive environment that fosters personal growth, self-acceptance and creativity. This program introduces yoga, breathwork, emotional intelligence and mindfulness to learn how to relax and prepare children for those important teenage years and adulthood, but most importantly it's fun!

Saturday - 10am (Fortnightly)

Live session via Zoom

Connect & bond with your child! Take time away from the chaos of everyday life to focus on your family, you'll enjoy the benefits of more fun, laughter and love!

Introduction to Yoga (4-8 years)

Tuesday - 3.30pm

Live session via Zoom

A nurturing, non-competitive environment that fosters wellbeing, teamwork and self-confidence. This program is fun and engaging and introduces students to yoga poses, games and activities as well as breathwork and guided relaxation.


"What we think, we become"



41 York Street,

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