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Do you have asthma? Would you like to try a natural preventative to assist with your asthma care?

I’ve suffered from Seasonal Asthma for a number of years, but it’s only been in the last couple of years this was diagnosed. Since I was a teenager, I can recall every winter when I had a slight cold or sniffle, I would get an uncontrollable cough. It wasn’t like a normal cough though, it was like a coughing fit that nothing would relieve to the point where I would vomit! Over the years I’ve noticed it has gotten worse to the point where I feel anxious to go out in public during winter, for fear that I’ll have a coughing episode which I can’t escape.

I’ve been prescribed asthma puffers to help alleviate this issue but I’ve not really seen any change other than they make me feel light headed and a bit wonky. This winter has been the worst my Asthma Cough has been so I decided to look into other options, a natural alternative, this is when I came across Candy from @empoweringyourinnerself . It was during a yoga class, when I was having a coughing episode which prevented me from continuing to teach the class, that Candy first suggested I try the doTERRA Easy Air oil.

I received my very stunning and elegant diffuser from @lifestyleandlivingessentials. I’m keen to use it straight away so I set it up in my bedroom for overnight use – It has a 6 hour setting and turns itself off after that, how clever!! I add 4 drops of the doTERRA Easy Air and turn it on. The diffuser is super quiet and you can choose to have the light on which is really pretty, but for sleep I turned the light off.

Day Two This morning I woke after feeling really well rested, I noticed that I didn’t cough anywhere as much as I normally do throughout the night, especially in the early hours when the temperature changes, which usually sets off my Asthma cough. It’s Monday morning, so off I go to work, with my diffuser! I’ve found that any change in temperature (Hot or Cold) or air quality (Dust etc) really affects my asthma, which is why I want to see how the Easy Air might help me during the day at work. My office has a beautiful outlook and has natural light, however the window doesn’t open to allow in fresh air and we have an air vent in the ceiling for heating/cooling. The combination of all of this can make winter a real struggle with seasonal asthma. I would find myself most affected at the start of the day and generally find myself reaching for my asthma puffer and needing to escape the office for relief at the worst 5-6 times per day. So far I’m 3 hours into my work day and I’ve only felt that niggling tickle (which is normally an early indicator of a coughing attack coming) in the back of my throat once, which I could alleviate with a drink. Here’s hoping that things remain this way for the next 3 days at work! My colleague, who I share an office with once a week, also has asthma issues, so I’m looking forward to seeing if this helps her too!

Day Three Another day in the office so I left the diffuser at work as opposed to taking it home to use overnight. When I woke this morning I felt a little blocked up in my head but within a few hours of using the diffuser at my desk my airways had cleared and I could breathe more freely. A good test will be seeing how my breathing goes during netball tonight. I find the combination of the cold air and exercise can make it tougher to breathe, making me feel puffed out easily!

Day Four While playing netball last night I found I didn’t need to use my asthma puffer, however I did still have a bit of a cough due to my cold. Today I used Easy Air in the office again and my colleague and I both felt like it was easier to breath and the slight scent added a nice freshness to the office.

Day Five Today I ran out of my sample of the Easy Air and noticed it was the first time since I started trialing the product that I had a coughing attack. It wasn’t as strong as previous attacks but it still stopped me in my tracks.

Day Six After getting more Easy Air and having it diffusing throughout the house today I’ve found that my breathing is more relaxed and I didn’t have any coughing attacks. Another good day!!

Day Seven Overall I found the Easy Air mix really helpful, I only used my asthma puffer once or twice during this trial week and that was on the day I couldn’t use the product. As a better alternative to prescription medicine this product will become a part of my daily life, especially during the winter months when I get seasonal asthma. I'm now looking forward to trying some of the other doTERRA oils for a natural approach to my health and well being!