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Do you get what you want in life? or, instead receive what you need?

Recently I've had some major life changes occur, which were primarily out of my control, and since then I’ve been contemplating if we get what we want in life or what we actually need? Since becoming a solo parent with two beautiful girls, I’ve been grieving the loss of my family unit and considering what could’ve been, I’ve pondered this a lot. So my question is, should we be grateful for what we receive in life, the lessons we learn and the development opportunities this presents? Or be disappointed for missing out on what we really wanted and dreamed of?

After many tears and much mental anguish I’ve now come to realise that what we really want isn’t always what we need for our future growth and development. When we get so focused on the things we really want in life, sometimes we don’t see the other opportunities presenting themselves, which could be so much better for us. When something we’ve been working towards or hoping for fails it’s hard to see what else the Universe could be presenting us with because we are so disappointed or upset at what could’ve been!!

The concept of “If I just work harder, maybe that will make things better” isn’t really ideal if the thing you’ve been striving for/working towards isn’t meant for you. Perhaps you’ve outgrown that job/project/partner/friend because you’ve learnt the lessons you were supposed to and the current situation is holding you back? By failing it’s a way of the Universe prodding you in the right direction of something bigger and better, if you’ll only stop and open your eyes to opportunity.

As the saying goes “when one door closes, another opens”, however if your so caught up on that first door to close it then you’ll never see what else is waiting for you. As hard as it can be to let something unfulfilling go from your life, by doing this you allow for positivity to flow into your life.

What we focus on, we create!! Our lives are a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs, so if we focus on what we’d like to create then we can be open to endless possibilities. A great way to do this is to create a ‘Vision Board’, which is a board you pin pictures, quotes, your thoughts onto as a way of staying positive and focused on what you’d like to create in your life. By being deliberate about your life and deciding what you’d like to attract you can create amazing things. But remember, be open to the possibility that what you receive might be even better than what you want!!!

Much Love

Nat xox