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Connection...what is it?

Connection is a funny term and can mean so many different things depending on who you ask! There are different levels of connection as well, for example your connection with your friend is different to the connection you have with a loved one, or is it actually about love? Is connection about loving others and being open to allow others to love you?

I meet so many people who are feeling unsatisfied in life, they feel lost, empty and craving something more. But are they really just craving connection? We spend so much time on our phones and technology, as well as getting from point A to Point B in our busy lives, that we fail to open ourselves up to connection as much as we need.

It’s human nature to want to connect with others. Many of us have disconnected from society and the one thing we crave is connection. Even in public people don’t connect. I was enjoying dinner at a beautiful restaurant recently and when I looked around at least three quarters of the people were on their phones, instead of connecting with the person they were actually with. I see this with parents as well, on their phones at the park while their child plays. I feel like we are becoming less present due to technology and missing out on so much.

Don’t get me wrong I think technology is essential in our daily lives, but when it distracts us (me included) from enjoying precious moments like dinner with a loved one or time with our children, who grow up so quickly, we are missing out on valuable connections.

Feeling connected can have many positive effects on our overall happiness. How often have you felt flat or drained and wanted to hibernate at home but had a social event you had to go to? You really don’t feel like going, but drag yourself along anyway! I know this has happened to me before, but actually I’ve always felt better after going, why is that? I think it’s because when we attend a social event, we connect!!!!

Connecting with others is really what life is all about. By talking to others we connect, we open ourselves up and we allow others to engage with us. Connecting helps us to feel like we are a part of something bigger, something meaningful. One of the best things you can do is work on connections in your life, this will bring joy and happiness to you and to your loved ones.

I encourage you to try connecting more each day, and I don’t mean just asking ‘how are you’, I mean actually taking the time to relax and listen and to tune in to the person you’re with. Hug your child or partner while you sit and chat and enjoy the present, connect with them.

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Much love

Nat xox

Nat xx