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Are You Present in Your Life?

Are you really present in your life? Do you live in the here and now? Or constantly get lost in the past or dream about the future?

Deliberately choosing to live in the present isn’t always easy, but once you master it you’ll find your life will be filled with positive changes and genuine happiness. Have you ever been fortunate enough to view the world through a baby or toddlers eyes? I’m blessed to have a 15 month old daughter and I feel so lucky that being around her reminds me constantly to be aware that the way we view things as we get older changes, dramatically. Something happens as we grow from a child to a teenager to an adult, I think it’s the way we view the world around us, and what we focus on, including life’s challenges, which takes us away from the present.

I’ve noticed many valuable things while witnessing my daughter explore the world. Firstly, she has eyes for only one thing at a time, it doesn’t matter what else is happening around her, that tiny leaf or feather on the ground is all that she notices, forget what she was playing with a minute or two ago, that’s old news to her! We can adapt this idea in our everyday lives too, by reminding ourselves to focus on that one thing we are currently doing. If we are cooking, just cook, instead of thinking about what bills need paying, or what’s on at work tomorrow, choose to be mindful and bring your attention back to what you are doing. If you’re playing with the children, enjoy it, even if you have to set a timer on your phone so you’re not worrying about running over time, be present. The children will love spending quality time with you and you won’t feel like you’re missing them growing up as much.

Secondly, she connects with animals and people unconditionally. Her warmth and loving spirit invite others in to her space so she can connect with them, no judgement, just love and acceptance. The next time your meeting with friends or even new people, try to be open, present and accepting and see what amazing connections you create. No judgement, just love and acceptance. If you find your mind wandering off thinking about other things, remind yourself to be present and soon you’ll find this becomes more natural to you and you’ll notice that you have more meaningful connections.

Finally, and most importantly being present makes you feel incredibly happy!! Try and think back to a really happy memory you have; one of mine is feeding my daughter in her nursery, all snuggled up together in the feeding chair. The reason that memory has stayed with me is that I was 100% present in that moment, just her and I and because of that I can still picture that memory easily with love and happiness. This is what I hope you can create too, a life filled with happy, loving memories, because really that’s all that matters in this life.

Much Love xo